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Todd Kane

Speaking Topics

  • Beyond the Bars - A High Vibe Life
  • Rise and Fall - Breaking the Cycle
  • Hide and Seek- There’s no truth in fear
  • F.I.N.D your Radical Authenticity!
  • Beyond the Bars - a High Vibe Life
  • Rise and Fall
  • Faith vs. Fear
  • Faith or Fear - You Choose
  • A Colorful Truth - Paint with Integrity

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Todd Kane


Todd Kane has spent over 30 years developing the gifts and talents of creative people around the world. A proven leader of individuals and teams in both the military and private sector, Todd has seen the transformative power of truth.

As an educator and artist at the highest level of industry, his multi-faceted background brings a unique perspective to personal growth and enlightenment.  Author, Entrepreneur, Veteran and Philanthropist, Todd provides purpose, direction and motivation with the amplifying energy to fuel your soul-level transformation.

Truth has no sexual orientation, ethnicity or age – it simply is the truth.  I’m passionate about integrity and have shared my challenges with it in my first book entitled Hide & Seek – there’s no truth in fear.  For many of us in the LGBTQ+ community and our allies, the adaptive skills we’ve become so accustomed to using for protection have done us harm - compromising our integrity, silencing our voices and eroding our truth.

I’ve personally sought safety and acceptance through compromise and accomplishment only to find myself feeling unrealized and unfulfilled.  When you try to be all things to all people, you end up being nobody to yourself.

I believe NOW is always a good time to be SELF-FOCUSED – to find, honor and CELEBRATE your authenticity and to LIVE YOUR TRUTH.

"I see the beauty in all things and nothing is more stunning than a person standing comfortably and confidently in their truth."


Hide & Seek

For nearly half a century I’ve played a complex and exhausting game of HIDE & SEEK with the truth.  Hiding my sexuality and past experiences for reasons I could not explain while seeking identity in relationships and acceptance through achievement.

I abandoned my faith and with fear lived in the eyes and minds of others.  I adapted my behavior to associate with and please others.  I had become a shape shifter and at times an imposter.  It becomes increasingly difficult to speak the truth when you’ve compromised your integrity and hidden in so many ways.  Lies spread from your lip to your actions as that inner voice chooses fear over truth creating an identity crisis that affects everything and everyone we experience.

Hide & Seek takes us into those hidden places where words are spoken and experiences lived that shape our lives and influence our choices.  It’s time to expose fear for the fraud it is.  There’s no truth in fear.

Hide and Seek by Todd Kane

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Phone Number: (480) 232-0586
Website: IAmToddKane.Com