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Sherry Williams, CPC

Speaking Topics

  • Data Points - Woven, Whole, Unique and Needed
  • Dark Wisdom - When shadows are Held in the Light
  • Your Personal Heroines Journey - Crossing Thresholds of Personal Discovery
  • Forgiving is not Condoning, Reality can change, and Destiny is Fluid
  • Like Apps on a Phone - Closing Your Running Stories of Shame and Pain
  • Vision, Creativity, Grace and Endurance - 4 Skills to Shift Your Life

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Sherry Williams spent her first 28 years dropping in and out of a series of life’s most difficult situations. The following 28 years produced a course of shifts through belief systems spanning molestation and abuse through addiction and prostitution. Sherry understands the hook that life on the darker side can have on a person. Sherry also deeply knows the hurts and the doubts in life and how remaining in the struggle can be easier to take than the fright of change. The desire of transformation requires being inquisitive. To transform, Sherry has lived a life true to her heart – moving towards the things that relieved the pain – and a brilliant life was formed.

Sherry is an inspiring storyteller. She creates a relatable trust with her clients personally and in her webinars. Sherry is a life changer and a life champion for those she works with. She is passionate in helping to find middle ground on issues and can also ask the tougher questions as she walks you to the edge … to stand, inquire and be courageous in your truth.

Sherry’s heroine journey is moving and inspiring. One cannot help but consider their own bravery as a possibility after hearing her story. Sherry looks to expand a sense of hope and direction in communities across the world. Her career has been varied, successful and fulfilling. As a scientist, teacher, speaker and coach she is an enigma of expectation. Others have reflected on her authenticity, approachability, and sense of grace she carries.

“I believe most people think the shadows they have hidden in the corners of their human basement are weaknesses but the reality, as I see it, is that by shining a light on them their wisdom gained will become the strength of the foundation of the rest of your life.” - Sherry Williams

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Phone Number: (602) 881-8183