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Nancy Gretzinger


Nancy retired after 43+ years in education including teaching, administration at the building and district level and teaching at the university level. Her favorite was special needs preschool that helped when she adopted her nearly one-year-old developmentally delayed daughter from China. After retiring, her niche became researching the brain (She had not had one class!). She developed a 100 + slide Happy, Healthy Brain Powerpoint Presentation that launched her two books, with the second having a co-author.

She made an unfortunate decision in December 2009 to have her mild urinary incontinence (hopefully) corrected through mesh surgery. After multiple surgeries, procedures and constant failures, her urethra was closed, a suprapubic tube inserted into her bladder and multiple UTI infections. She is now (early 2017) treating the UTIs with PICC line IV antibiotics. (Another book in the making).

She and her now 20-year-old daughter continue this journey.


ENMESHED: The Truth about Treating Incontinence and Mesh Complications

When Nancy Gretzinger decided to have elective surgery to treat her mild incontinence, she made the worse decision of her life. She thought the operation to insert a mesh sling to hold up her urethra and prevent her bladder from leaking would be simple after having had two spinal cord surgeries. After eight surgeries, countless procedures and medications, she no longer has a urethra. She also had terrible reactions to Cipro, which was used before, during and after all her surgeries for preventative measures and to treat her series of UTIs.

She wrote this book to share her experiences with other women who are suffering from complications after having had mesh surgery or from taking Cipro. Nancy’s goal is to provide further insights, tips on comfortable living, and practical advice on coping with a chronic illness while staying hopeful.

Enmeshed offers essential information and advice for women on:
• Types of incontinence and alternatives
• Red flags about vaginal mesh
• Say no to Cipro for minor infections
• History of mesh and Cipro
• How to live with a chronic illness
• Have hope and a good support group


HAPPY HEALTHY BRAIN: How To Become A Healthy, Happier Person With Essential Oils

How much do you know about your brain and its function? Learn about each brain part, its function and published medical research documents on how what essential oils can help.

As an educator, at the time, working with thousands of students, I knew little about the brain. I adopted a baby girl from China. I had to deal with some severe delays brought about by anxiety and other issues concerning my beautiful baby. She was struggling so we went for counseling. Later our visit to a neuropsychologist revealed the neglect and trauma were due to the freeze response from the Amygdala. Then, with my daughter, Meg, her struggles, and the Ah-ha moment from the neuropsychologist, I decided that as I was retired, I had just found my niche to work in. My research about the brain and my continued interest in Essential Oils continued. Modern day science is digging deeper into why the Essential Oils work so well with our brain and bodies.

Information on the brain and Essential Oils literally, changes every day through modern science, and research. I am amazed at what can be accomplished using Essential Oils. Originally it was thought, our brain was fully developed as adults. Studies have shown; however, the brain never stops changing.

A specialized Microscope has been developed that can see Essential Oils as they enter live human cells and follow the processes they initiate. Because of this ability, we are able to study what effect the oil is having on the cell and how the oil is interacting with the cell membrane. An assembly of cells in the brain's blood system called the blood-brain barrier, allow only a few molecules into the nervous system's inner sanctum – the brain. The capillaries that feed the brain are lined with tightly bound cells, which keep out large molecules.

Essential oils perform more than one function in living plants, including being part of the plant’s immune system or the product of metabolism. These oils are 75 to 100 times more concentrated than the oils in dried herbs.

An easy to read document that explains the parts of the brain and functions in lay man terms, then what Essential Oils can help that specific part of the brain. Additional websites are included to further provide brain information.

My hope is to provide a series of HAPPY HEALTHY BRAINS including prenatal and toddler brain development and helpful oils. Another series would include how positive thoughts and actions can actually change and shape the brain.

Do additional research! You are the CEO of your own health!

So, let’s learn about the amazing brains and oils.

Happy healthy brain

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