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Mike Hawkins

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  • Four Persuasion Tools of Great Leaders and Coaches
  • The Psychology of Leadership
  • Leading as a Coach
  • Leveraging the Power of Us
  • The Art and Science of Influence

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Mike Hawkins


MIKE HAWKINS is award-winning author of Activating Your Ambition: A Guide to Coaching the Best Out of Yourself and Others, author of the SCOPE of Leadership six-book series on coaching leaders to lead as coaches, and president of Alpine Link Corporation. Mike is a seasoned executive coach, management consultant, author, speaker, and college lecturer. He is considered an industry thought leader on leadership, consultative selling, self-development, and business improvement.

Over Mike’s management career, he held several senior leadership positions. He held the position of executive vice president and general manager for a global consulting company. He held the position of general manager of a global systems integration company. He held several executive sales and marketing positions for a global manufacturing and IT services company. Prior to management, Mike was a successful salesman and engineer. He uniquely works at a detailed technical level, in the realm of business and strategy, and in the human behavior domain.

Mike’s senior leadership experience, successful track record in turning around underperforming businesses, willingness to tackle tough assignments, and cross-domain thought leadership give him a practical perspective that makes him a sought after authority. He truly understands not just what to do and why to do it, but how to do it. Over his career he has coached hundreds of executives and trained thousands of people. He has a talent for overcoming complex issues and is credited with developing numerous frameworks that advance understanding of management coaching, self-directed development, leadership development, business operations, strategic planning, consultative selling, team collaboration, and interpersonal communications.

Mike advises mid-size and Fortune 100 clients in a variety of industries including information technology, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and financial services. He coaches CxO level executives as well as mid-level managers.

Mike has a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and completed a one year advanced management program in conjunction with the Harvard Business School.

When not working, Mike spends time snow skiing, biking, hiking, motorcycle riding, fitness training, golfing, traveling, wine tasting, and wood/metalworking.


Activating Your Ambition

Activating Your Ambition outlines a straightforward means to accomplishment by focusing on what it takes to effect behavioral change. It is a mindset and approach that helps you and those you influence make real and sustainable change. It is based on eight principles that provide the tools to overcome obstacles and reach new levels of achievement. It is a framework you can use over and over to develop new skills, stop bad habits, create new behaviors, and achieve new results. It is a practical approach that will give you everlasting insight into how to get out of your comfort zone and reach new levels of success that may have eluded you before.

Activating Your Ambition

The unique value of Activating Your Ambition is the how, not merely the what or the why of self-improvement. Rather than coming away merely informed or feeling entertained, you learn specifically how to make substantive and sustainable improvements in yourself and the people around you. It enables you to seize the opportunity for improvement that lies within you, in your work, in your home, in your place of worship, or wherever. Its proven principles and insights provide the practical means to reaching levels of performance that you might not have thought possible.

Activating Your Ambition is for employees who want to perform better in their jobs and make more money. It is for managers who want to become better coaches to their employees. It is for executives who want to become better leaders. It is for parents who want to raise better children. It is for spouses who want to improve their marriage. It is for athletes who want to spend more time on the winner’s podium. It is for anyone who wants to ensure the books they read, the seminars they attend, the initiatives they conceive, the plans they create, or the coaching they receive gets reliably applied and transformed into sustainable results. It is for anyone that wants to reliably turn their ambitions into realities.

SCOPE of Leadership Book One Cover

Leadership Competencies that Enable Results

Leadership explores the essentials of great leadership and establishes the principles that underpin the ability to coach, lead, and achieve high levels of organizational performance. Laying the groundwork for the competencies introduced over the course of the series, this book guides you in building a leadership roadmap for yourself and others to follow on the journey to enabling great results.

Self: Setting the Example

Self sets the foundation for the ability to lead others by developing the competencies of great self-leadership. Effective leaders possess intrinsic passion, character, courage, and confidence that others respect and want to follow. When you lead yourself well, operate productively, and think strategically, others notice and are motivated to attain the higher standards you demonstrate.

SCOPE of Leadership Book Two Cover
SCOPE of Leadership Book Three Cover

Communications: Inspiring Performance

Communications describes how to influence people through positive and trustworthy interpersonal communications. Great leaders speak, write, and listen in a manner that connects with people and moves them to action. By learning the competencies of creating compelling content, engaging the audience, and maintaining communication flow, you are able to capture people’s minds and hearts as well as foster the healthy exchange of ideas and information.

Others: Developing People

Others guides you in building the skills of others and developing top performers. Great leaders build teams of competent people who are able and willing to take ownership for the work that needs to be performed. By learning the competencies of coaching, enabling, and holding people accountable, you multiply your abilities, transfer your knowledge, and leave an enduring legacy.

SCOPE of Leadership Book Four Cover
SCOPE of Leadership Book Five Cover

Partnerships: Leveraging Teamwork

Partnerships illustrates how to build high-performing teams and work effectively with others across organizational boundaries. Great leaders do not lead a collection of individuals but rather a unified team of people who work for the good of the organization. By learning the competencies of internal and external partnering, you will gain synergy, establish a spirit of community, and leverage the value of collaboration.

Execution: Delivering Excellence

Execution describes the capabilities that leaders need to create competitive differentiation and deliver extraordinary value. Great leaders build a culture that achieves operational excellence as well as adapts to change and seizes new opportunities. By learning the competencies of making smart decisions, fostering innovation, enabling speed, and taking action, you are able to equip your team to sustain great performance for years to come.

SCOPE of Leadership Book Six Cover

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