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michon bushman


As a salon development partner, I have had the unique opportunity to learn and cultivate several different skills over the past 25 plus years including: sales, leadership coaching and team training. I am most passionate about training development, always looking for opportunities to grow the team and positively impact the customer and the business.

I have worked with several other industries as an independent consultant throughout my professional career, helping teams with culture development, mapping out their vision, working through team dynamics, change management and more. I have developed content specific to the needs of the organization to help them reach new heights. This is where I really thrive and come alive!

I bring a dynamic personality to the workplace with proven ability to think strategically, always asking thoughtful questions and looking for ways to create and innovate to advance our work. My diverse and proven set of skills along with my commitment to continuous learning and building lasting relationships to develop individuals is what I am most proud of in my career.

My peers, clients, and managers would say that I am strategic thinker, a natural leader, an innovator, a great presenter, have an entrepreneurial spirit with a happy and positive outlook. These attributes allow me to build lasting relationships and naturally lead others by example.

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Phone Number: (314) 608-9577