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Lynna Redhawk

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  • Wander for Groundbreaking Innovation
  • Innovation and The Art of Paying Attention

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Lynna Redhawk is an author, keynote speaker, corporate consultant and artist. She teaches a philosophy called Vagare™, which means “to wander” in Italian.

Lynna believes in the power of process art and its ability to unlock out-of-the-box innovation, flashes of brilliance and moments of genius. A wanderer at heart, Lynna gained extensive experience practicing Vagare™ through art, language, and cultural studies, diverse career pursuits and international travel.

She discovered that whether or not you consider yourself to be an artist, wandering is an artist-brain pursuit. Much like the blank page, the black canvas, or the raw ingredients, it requires stepping into the unknown and letting go of the outcome. Wandering is a creative process.

Lynna speaks on the principles of Vagare™ in order to create space for inspired designs and groundbreaking technological advances. She guides corporate teams and individuals through customizable creative experiences designed to activate the inner artist and spark innovation.

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Phone Number: (831) 854-7883