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Laura Cole

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  • Living a Vision Driven Life
  • New Thoughts Create a New Life
  • Do You Hear What I am Saying?!?
  • Improving Communication Dissolving Conflict

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Laura Cole


Dr. Laura Cole is a speaker, author, transformational life coach, and Sign Language interpreter as well as a highly successful entrepreneur specializing in helping others manifest a life they love living.

Laura has been a workshop leader and professional presenter for over 15 years, educating individuals on how to start and run prosperous businesses. Utilizing her knowledge and experiences as a sign language interpreter, Laura is able to dissect communication in a way that few others can. This skill has made her the ideal presenter for corporations who want to have a productive conversation about culturally sensitive topics such as race and disability in the workplace, or simply to improve employee-employer relationships. She owns Inspirational Outcomes, a motivational consulting firm that offers coaching, classes and presenting. The focus is to teach others about the power of their mind and how to co-create with the Universe, so they can accomplish and manifest anything their heart desires. Her aim is to inspire people to discover a dream that is in harmony with their soul’s purpose, so they can live happy, fulfilling, abundant lives.


New Thoughts Create a New Life

This realistic guide to manifesting abundant success will show you how to be the master of your destiny. You have the power to create a life you love or a life of misery. The only obstacle to creating a life you love is your thinking. Thoughts have power. Your mind holds the key, and your beliefs will open the door to the power you have within you. Individuals have applied these techniques to double their salary, manifest $10,000 in 90 days, find their soulmate and heal themselves from numerous illnesses. Learn how to get clear on what you truly want, listen your intuition and take action to turn your dreams into a reality.

New Thoughts Create a New Life

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Phone Number: (832) 291-0108