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Larry Stevenson works with people earning $75,000-$150,000 to earn free money for college, new jobs, and new purpose in their careers. He started professional speaking in 1977 before senators, British Aristocrats, and other distinguished audiences. He began helping people earn scholarships in 1984 when he read about one girl, with a 3.6 GPA, who earned $310,000 before the age of computers. He spent the last decade helping thousands of students--from 13 to 62 years of age-earn free money for college.

As a professional trainer he taught 1,700+ groups in 22+ countries. He has authored 4 books and several online education programs. His new book Get Free Money for College! Enjoy $100,000s in Scholarships—at ANY Age! He was technical consultant and featured panelist on the Emmy-nominated PBS series Living Essentials.


How to Get Free Money for College--at Any Age!

As college costs increase most parents and students look to student loans to pay for higher education. Yet, scholarship committees provide millions of dollars in free money for college.

Learn the 5 keys to finding and winning scholarships for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

1) Find scholarships through search engines, lists, and other sources.

2) Prepare 36 statements to prove you deserve their scholarship.

3) Solicit 4-5 reusable letters of recommendation to validate your accomplishments.

4) Write 5-6 reusable essays to submit for scholarships.

5) Apply for 2-3 scholarships at week in just 90 minutes.

How to Get Free Money for College--at Any Age!

How to Find 70-100 Scholarships Perfect for You!

You don't have to incur huge student debt to go to college. Find the free money that is perfect for you. This book provides students of any age (or their parents) with tips about using 11 sources of free money for college. Learn how to avoid scams, frauds, and phishing expeditions with online scholarship sources. This book outlines tips and shortcuts for scholarship search engines, scholarship lists, and other sources of free money for college. Find the best scholarships for you and avoid the ones that would waste your time and energy.

How to Find 70-100 Scholarships Perfect for You

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Phone Number: (801) 372-5515