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Jorge Cassir

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  • Encourage spiritually conscious young parents-to-be to connect with their inner child and then envision their baby before conception. In this way they connect with their child energetically and spiritually, engendering a loving, joyful and confident family that will endure for a lifetime- while shining, flourishing and inspiring others.

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Physician who grew up in a dysfunctional family, facing many ego shadows consisting of self-limiting beliefs. Furthermore, he survived two near-death experiences resulting in deep spiritual dives that resulted in his awakened consciousness. Now, as a tribute to his grandchildren, he wishes to share with young parents, the lessons that he learned, so that they bring up children devoid of ego- ladened burdens that will cause suffering for the children later in life.


Intentional Conception- How to Connect with Your Unborn Child... and Stay Connected Forever: Currently in production

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