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Jodi Scholes

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  • Our Pain Tells a Story: The concept and science of bio-pyscho-social causes of persistent pain
  • The Body Blueprint: 8 Areas of Chronic Pain and How to Heal
  • Decoding Disease: 3 Deadly Disorders and the Messages They Reveal

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Jodi Scholes


Jodi Scholes has put her hands on over 20,000 bodies as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Over the last 25 years it has been her job to get professional soccer and track athletes ready to compete. She has helped Ironman triathletes recover from serious injuries and iron-fisted CEOs recuperate from from life threatening diseases. Her bodywork repairs and prepares ultra marathoners and rescues and restores ultra stressed out healthcare practitioners.

What she has learned she shares as a highly engaging speaker: Our Pain Tells A Story.

In her TEDx style presentation, she gives example after example of clients from her own practice who had stubborn chronic pain. Clients who had life threatening illnesses. These same clients heal by looking beyond the physical to the bio-psycho-social roots of their pain.

Insightful and surprising, she shares true stories of persistent pain that just stopped –as if it were never there- when clients started listening to the story their pain was telling.
Jodi is a successful entrepreneur having grown and sold a therapeutic massage clinic just outside of Washington DC. She has built a multi-six figure coaching practice specializing in directing complementary healthcare providers to grow their practices over the $1,000,000 mark.

She enjoys cooking and staying fit while splitting her time between living in New England (summer) and Florida (winter) after spending 25 years in the Northern Virginia area.


Our Pain Tells A Story has been compared to Chicken Soup for the Massage Therapist's Soul. Ms. Scholes, a Licensed Massage Therapist, eloquently shares story after story of personal clients that came to her with persistent pain only to discover the story their pain was revealing was an essential part of the healing process. In her book, Scholes offers a Body Blueprint that gives the reader insight into some specific non-physical reasons for pain. Reasons beyond a muscle sprain or chronic illnesses or seemingly random disease diagnosis. A Body Blueprint that allows those who are ready to heal from wounds of the past make a full recovery from their pain in the present.

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Phone Number: (703) 220-5375