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Jasmina Agrillo Scherr

Healthy Soul, Happy Life Speaker Topics

  • Heal Yourself with Soul Communication Use soulight frequencies of love for a full-body healing
  • Your Soul is Your CEO!™ Experience the power of intuition to bring joy & fulfillment in relationships & business.
  • Soul to Soul (Find Your SoulMate) Become a magnet of love attraction
  • Transform Stress within Seconds-Really! Quickly transform anxiety to peace & mental clarity
  • The Secrets of Soul Communication Learn the steps to become your own best psychic.
  • Freedom is Forgiveness! Let go of all that stands in the way of living a healthy soul and happy life.
  • Soul Resilience is the new miracle Build resilience to overcome pain, and negative situations and live the miracle of transformation.

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Jasmina Agrillo Scherr is recognized as The Soul Essence Coach™, the Wellness Psychic™, and The Sacred Heart of Christ Healing Channel. She is the author of Healthy Soul Happy Life, Healing Yourself with Soul Communication (release date Spring 2020)and a keynote speaker on the topics, health and wellness mindset, meditations and mindfulness practices for personal healing and listening to the messages from your soulA survivor of a life-threatening brain tumor, Jasmina used her intuition and mindfulness training for a full body healing. During this journey, she discovered how to communicate directly with her soul and received guidance from within on how to navigate her personal path back to complete wellness. Her bestselling book, Mirror of my Soul, Sanctum of my Heart, is available on Amazon:

A Los Angeles mystic seer, she is a Tao Academy™ Certified Soul Communicator with an accuracy of 90 percent and above, as well as a Licensed HeartMath® coach. Jasmina brings a depth of wisdom and extensive training of 25 years to your personal healing intentions. Recently, The New York Times did an article, Psychic Mediums are the New Wellness Coaches, ( Jasmina is a Malibu, California based health and wellness psychic medium. She offers private intuitive wellness readings, energy healing sessions, life coaching, group wellness and healing retreats, both virtual and throughout California and she supports her clients privately on their deeply personal journey to restore health and well-being through establishing their own soul communication.


Mirror of My Soul Sanctum of My Heart

Jasmina Agrillo Scherr uses the experiences of her life to draw upon a living, breathing quantum reality, which she refers to as “Heart Time” to transform trauma, illness, near death and divorce to find identity, meaning, healing and love.  Along the way, she answers the questions: As a human being what is my relationship to quantum consciousness?  Where is it? How can we use it?


At the outset, Jasmina, guides the reader to tap into the quantum experience to uncover their soul secrets throughout her multi-dimensional healing journey.  From the ancestral shores of Sicily, to New England, India, South America, and California, the transformation to the next level of consciousness unfolds.  Along the way, doubts prevail, wrong turns taken, and fears faced, as the author learns to trust what the heart feels and quantum reality knows. 

Mirror of My Soul Sanctum of My Heart

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