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I’m a career nuclear physicist, transitioning into an author and public speaker.My tongue-in-cheek humor permeates my entire being and life. It needs to. Without humor, much of my life would unfortunately look simply like a Greek tragedy. At least it’s a comical Greek tragedy.

Fortunately, humor makes for a better memoir, and it may well make a better movie, in case some sick bastard wants to make a movie from my book. A comical horror movie doesn’t sound like it would draw crowds.

I have a B.S in Physics from the State University of New York (graduating Magna Cum Ego), and a M.S from the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, earned at their Applied Physics laboratory in Laurel, MD.

I served as an Officer aboard a US Navy nuclear powered submarine, earning two Navy Achievement medals, my most prized one reading, “Lt. Spina has surprisingly demonstrated the ability to manage his perpetual folly and avoid mistakes which otherwise could have deployed nuclear warheads.” (That’s apparently a big deal.)

After my patriotic service, serendipity led to an Honorable Discharge from the US Navy. Jobless, I joined the commercial nuclear energy workforce, (somehow) progressing in my career to become the V.P. of two large nuclear power facilities, ultimately becoming the company’s VP of Corporate Nuclear Operations. Wisely, I demonstrated the same invaluable NAVY skills throughout my skyrocketing career, never melting down a nuclear reactor under my tenure. Not on my watch. (That’s worthy of mention.)

After retiring as a Corporate Executive of a Fortune 500 company, I diligently committed myself to sit on my derrière, and reflect upon my deliriously fantastic life and career. Unfortunately, a “situation” occurred which rudely and viciously disrupted my long awaited, ponderous reflective time to myself. I reluctantly decided afterwards, with some encouragement, to write a book about it.


I Almost Murdered a Complete Stranger: Embarrassing Truths of a Madman's Journey


Time and again, I narrowly escaped His murderous attempts.

Not this time.

If you are willing to believe that there is a possibility you can return to sanity and freedom, my story may serve as the catalyst for an extraordinary recovery.

"I Almost Murdered a Complete Stranger:Embarrassing Truths of a Madman's Journey" is a visceral, deadpan account of a near-death experience brought on by the all-too-human descent into chronic alcoholism.

Since his awakening to a deep understanding of alcoholism as a life-long affliction, Jim's obsession has been lifted, leaving him free of his desire to drink for the first time in 41 years! Reflecting deeply, he begs the answer to the question, "what changed?"

This book does not offer practical insights for recovery, self-help platitudes, or "lessons learned."

Anyone whose lives have been shattered by this affliction (and those who love them or treat them) will find support in rekindling hope for freedom, for sanity, and to live a better life.

I Almost Murdered a Complete Stranger: Embarrassing Truths of a Madman's Journey

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