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Denise Graziano

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  • Talent is a Team Sport - Actions for Collaboration and Communication to Find, Attract and Keep the Talent Needed to be Future Ready
  • Recruiting, Reviews, Response, Retention: The 4 R's You Should Be Looking at with a New Perspective to be Successful in Today's Workplace Climate

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A change agent and trusted advisor to the C-suite for decades, Denise Graziano helps companies differentiate and gain competitive advantage in their market, by leveraging the power of positive employee and customer experiences.

Companies and high-level leaders often don’t realize the challenges and impressions they’re presenting to their team members and customers. ​Miscommunication, lack of clarity, and feedback not being heard, valued, or understood can start to erode productivity and trust. Denise helps companies see how their interactions internally with employees and
externally with customers could be sabotaging their growth and how to correct it.

Denise Graziano is a leading authority in helping  companies to create change, improve trust, relationships and communication inside their organization with employees and externally with clients to increase revenue, retention and loyalty. A strategic thinker and leader with over 30 years of business experience, Denise is a speaker and bestselling author of Talent is a Team Sport.

In ​Talent is a Team Sport I want to bridge the gap and present solutions and emerging best practices that enable you to have the personnel to serve clients now, fill your pipeline for long-range plans and help give you a competitive edge in your market. This will take the involvement and effort from of all the C-suite branches. It will take a nimble approach, an open mind, and a reality check, because companies are not in as much control as they believe.

Denise is CEO of Graziano Associates, a boutique marketing communications firm with a unique internal and external approach that helps companies to vitalize their workforce, and build brand ambassadorship from within. ​

Denise is a high energy, innovative leader and speaker, sharing actionable insights and motivating company leaders. She focuses on the  economic impact and importance of leadership collaboration and communication to find, attract and retain the talent they need to be future-ready. She presents and distills complex topics in a practical, relatable manner, designed to help generate results for her audiences and clients.

Denise speaks nationwide and delivers presentations in any format:
Keynote, Breakout, Workshop, Executive Roundtable.


Talent is a Team Sport: New rules in this candidate-driven economy demand new collaboration, consistent communication, and a proactive, silo-free approach. While the CEO, CFO, CHRO, and CCO must act strategically together, virtually every other member of the C-suite has a role
in securing and keeping the team you need.

Experienced leaders are in uncharted territory with high demand, low levels of ideal talent, increasing customer demands and employee expectations. This perfect storm puts companies at risk of losing their top talent, and not having the right employees
to be future ready. The only way to successfully navigate a perfect storm is with an 'all hands on deck' approach.​​​

Companies are hiring, and the best employees are in demand. Outdated HR approaches and leadership attitudes will not land them. A shift occurred with customers when they discovered their voice and a powerful ally: social media. Employees have found their
power. They ask, “why not?” They want and expect more from employers. Unfortunately for companies, those expectations are fluid, expanding, and publicly shared.

Employee and Customer Experience expert, Denise Graziano, guides you through the latest data, research, and insight on why companies must adopt a nimble, enterprise-wide collaborative approach to solving growing talent problems.

Talent is a Team Sport is a C-level action guide which illustrates and outlines emerging best practices to attract, retain, and grow your talent, and ultimately to increase revenue, retention, and loyalty. This guide is not for companies or executives
who feel that the status quo will carry them forward. It is for companies who realize that the cost of doing nothing, or maintaining current practices, will lead to only mediocre results in the future.

See how leadership roles should integrate to:

• Gain visibility where candidates are looking
• Ensure employer and customer brands align
• Attract and build a pool of ideal talent
• Keep the valuable employees you have
• Vitalize the workforce and foster brand ambassadorship from within the company
• Adapt agilely to the candidate-favored market

Speed, agility, clarity, and communication are the hallmarks of recruiting that serve today’s candidates and companies alike.

What’s stopping you from breaking away from the outdated recruitment marketing and retention practices that no longer serve you?  Small shifts can quickly create big change to find, attract, and keep the talent you need.

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