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Bridget Marian Love

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  • Empowerment for Women

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Bridget Marian Love, RN, Reverend, Healing Arts Master, and Women's Empowerment Coach, is founder of Sacred Feminine Spirit, author of the upcoming book "Return of the Sacred Feminine", and creator of her formula that teaches how to rebuild your energy, activate your voice, and claim your sacred feminine power using ancient wisdom, song, healing, and intuition.

After working two decades leading healthcare management teams, assessing over 30,000 patients in 64 California nursing facilities, Bridget created her "Energize Your Feminine Spirit" formula to empower women to transform their lives by accessing their feminine power, rebuilding their energy, and activating their sacred feminine voice. The hallmark of feminine spirit is leading your life with love and changing the world with sacred feminine values in the home, workplace, and community.

As a serial survivor of traumatic stress and burnout, Bridget spent thirty years doing academic research and clinical work testing recovery of the human mind-body-spirit. Bridget Marian Love offers valuable expertise, guidance, and resources to assure that you achieve the vibrant wellness and success needed to create your own legacy of freedom, prosperity, and joy.

Bridget is a ceremonial officiant who loves to bring her music and workshops to women's communities, and has conducted weddings, funerals, event blessings, and rites of passage. Her mission and passion as a Wisdom of the Heart Reverend, is to teach others to create rituals in their lives that bring blessings and joy.

Bridget is a "Troubadour for Love", incorporating her skills as singer, songwriter, motivational speaker, and women's empowerment leader into her workshops, retreats, and online presentations.

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Phone Number: (209) 954-8208