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William "Bill" Grimm, Chief Growth Officer, BG International, LLC

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  • Three Secrets That Will Define Your Future
  • Branding and Your Bottom Line-Leveraging Current Trends
  • Key Market Drivers That Ensure Long Term Success
  • The Green Fund

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  • Three Secrets That Will Define Your Future

Bill shares from his experience that a key to success in the future is that you think differently than everyone else and why you need to learn courage in the face of fear.  In business, it is all about results and Bill shares the formula for success.  He shares examples from his own business career as well as examples from well-known businesspeople.  At the end of the presentation and breakout session you will have the confidence and belief that you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

  • How To Build an Attitude of Resilience

Bill built his coaching business from a lifetime of business experience as a senior executive with Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurial companies.  He made a keynote presentation on the power of Attitude and wrote a book on the Attitude of Resilience where he teaches how to incorporate this single word into your personal and professional life.  He also shows how to determine one’s Personality Profile and what to focus on the adjust that profile for more success.  He shares examples what he created as National Director of Franchising for Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream USA.

  • Three Key Strategies for Fast Growth

Bill built his professional career by growing businesses beyond forecasted revenue.  He has accomplished this with several companies at both a domestic level as well as internationally.  He shares how to develop a successful growth strategy and how to present it to an executive team as well as a system of franchisees.  Most importantly he gives you the three keys for successful growth of a company or scaling of a brand.

Workshop Presentations

  • How to Build an Effective Sales Team

In his own career Bill has achieved the #1 salesperson in the country for a Fortune 500 company.  As a senior executive of both brand companies as well as entrepreneurial companies, Bill has trained sales teams to achieve record sales.  He shares a two-day workshop on Creative Selling Strategies and Tactics.  He also shares the keys to putting together effective sales materials as well as how to support a sales team by effectively utilizing public relations companies and advertising agencies.

  • How to Build a Company Culture

Bill starts with the basics of properly building an organizational chart, how to create effective systems and processes, and, most importantly, how to effectively communicate these to an organization.  He has the unique talent to engage your employees and get them to take “ownership” of your company.  His workshop will do the following:

1.     Engage your employees to create ideas that will help your company grow, including new technology.

2.     Allow your employees to voice their ideas, opinions, and thoughts on how to improve the company.

3.     The company will leave the workshop with new ideas, renewed energy, and a feeling of “team.”



William "Bill" Grimm is one of America's foremost authorities on sales, management, and developing a business strategy that will accelerate business growth domestically and internationally.

Chief Operating Officer-Cannery Row Company, Monterey, CA. Primarily responsible for revenue growth with over 200 tenants in tourist centers, neighborhood shopping centers, industrial buildings, and office buildings. Revenue growth over a 20 year period was 128% over Consumer Price Index. Also sold properties at attractive cap rates & acquired properties with 1031 Exchange.

Vice President-Franchise Development and Officer for Gloria Jean's Coffees, Castroville, CA. Spearheaded global franchise development with country development agreements. Sold 33 company units to save $1.7 million. Responsible for 33% of G&A budget and devised a 10-year financial plan with a focus on international development. Completed country development agreements in Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, and Turkey. Reduced pre-existing lawsuits from 31 to 11 to save over $2 million in potential settlements.

Founder of Grimm International, San Diego, CA. Delivered consulting guidance on a business plan, design, and construction of a $40 million project in Mexico.

Interim CEO & Board of Directors for Mission Community Hospital, Los Angeles, CA. Along with the CFO, we developed an $18 million budget for two-campus hospitals having 300 employees and annual revenues of $55 million.

Vice President, Franchise Development for California Pizza Kitchen, Los Angeles, CA. Created strategy to achieve target revenue by doubling the number of units for anticipated Initial Public Offering. Negotiated domestic area contracts with Net Present Value exceeding $75 million. Negotiated international development agreements valued at $100+ million with Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, and The Philippines. Negotiated exclusive contract with Host Marriott for CPK ASAP concept in airport locations, resulting in 30% unit growth.

Director, National Sales/Franchising for Baskin-Robbins USA, Burbank, CA. Created a new franchise development process & marketing strategy that led to an additional 585 retail units over a 3 year period, an 80% annual increase. Developed a personality profile for a successful franchisee.

Why Bill is a Dynamic Choice for your Group

Bill is a passionate, dynamic speaker who is known for moving his audience into action.  A true professional who will engage and delight while delivering cutting edge content that will both educate and motivate.

What Others Are Saying About Bill

I would strongly recommend Bill to any organization that wants a professional who truly understands franchising as well as the proper relationship between a franchisor and the franchisees.

- John Gantes, President, Breckenridge Group

Bill Grimm of Baskin Robbins USA was an exceptional thought provoking, entertaining, and engaging speaker at our Strategic Research Institute conference.

- Liz Hickey, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Research Institute

We have learned a great deal from you: your views and questions have made it possible for us to view healthcare in a different light.  I wish you well in the future and hope that you continue to be involved in health care in some fashion.

- Mary Anne Breeding, Chief Operating Officer, Mission Community Hospital

Heros are individuals like you who are concerned enough to take action.

- Stephen B. Hammerstein, President , International Franchise Association

Bill made many important contributions to California Pizza Kitchen and was instrumental in the growth of the company.  He took the company into the Far East, as well as airport locations and helped to rebuild the real estate function.

Bill is a very dedicated, knowledgeable, and effective executive.  Bill’s core strengths include an unusual talent for organization and attention to detail in managing the prospecting and legal process.  Bill did a superior job in establishing the franchising department within California Pizza Kitchen despite a lot of management turmoil, and with very little support or resources.  Bill also demonstrated admirable patience and diplomacy in negotiating agreements with franchisees, and was able to successfully resolve many difficult situations, including complex international issues.

Bill has many excellent personal qualities, including a strong work ethic, a willingness to help others, and a good sense of humor.  Bill is also a leader who enjoys teaching and communicating.  He is very goal oriented and a true professional, with a high standard of conduct.  Bill is also able to establish mutual respect and good personal relationships with many different kinds of franchisees, and at many organizational levels.

- William Menzel, Vice President of Administration, California Pizza Kitchen

I highly recommend Bill Grimm for speaking engagements at universities.  Bill offered valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of doing global business and shared with students his expertise in the world of international sales, cross-cultural negotiations and leadership.

- Deanna Doris Fryhle, CISB Program Advisor, Foster School of Business, University of Washington

It was a great meeting you today and learning about your diverse experience as a business professional.  I truly enjoyed hearing about your international endeavors and how your passion and courage have played such a critical role in your personal and professional career.  Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and wise advice with the CISB students at the UW Michael G. Foster School of Business.

- Olivia Woodard, student

I thoroughly enjoyed your speech and please contact me whenever you are in the area!

- Drayton McClane, American businessman, owner of McClane Company, a trucking & distribution company for Walmart stores nationwide, and also the owner of the Houston Astros professional baseball team.

Your keynote speech at the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce dinner exemplified the highest level of leadership and service to the community as Chairman of the Board for the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.  Your vision, consensus building, diplomacy, and political astuteness as chair of the Government Affairs Committee was absolutely instrumental in charting an effective, positive and productive course of action for the chamber assisting the City of Monterey.  It was indeed a pleasure and privilege to serve with you and for you in the Chamber…thanks for your great leadership.

- Robert Kramer, MBA, MA, CMC, LtC (US Army Retired), President , Alternative Board of Monterey and Salinas

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your wisdom with my colleagues and I.  I was really impacted by your anecdote about the founders of CPK ad how they did something that they believed in and were motivated to achieve their goal no matter how risky it seemed at the time.  This is something that is often forgotten but is very encouraging to a college student, and necessary to be successful.  I also appreciated your input on how to interact with people from other cultures and how it is best to let them lead you as to not offend them.  Overall, I left your presentation feeling motivate to do what I want to and to never give up on what I believe in.

- Emily Thramer, student

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