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Angela Howard

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  • Somatic Movement Therapy and it's success for daily awareness and ultimate release of trauma blockages causing pain physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Do what "moves you"
  • Move with Love
  • Move through Fear


Lea Beth LaDue


Angela Howard, Founder of WildHeart Expressive, a somatic movement program which helps individuals feel more vibrant in their lives. Angela is a professional dancer, choreographer, and her work includes the aerial arts. She is a motivational speaker on somatic therapies and trauma release, and has led a diverse array of transformational workshops featuring her unique programs. A native to the Knoxville area, her passion is preserving and protecting the Tennessee River. She is the author of the book __”Move with Love” - How to love yourself through movement- and a host on her own TV show called “The Lake Show” and radio show called “Lighten Up”. She is currently pitching a TV series. Angela has a degree in Psychology from Hollins University and a Masters in Business and Finance from the International University of Monaco. Previously, she was an executive at Coca-Cola and a certified Financial Planner. To learn more, visit and join her IG community

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Phone Number: (865) 951-5454