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Andrea Bullard

Keynote and Breakout Sessions

  • Turn-Key Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Multi-Million Dollar Wealth Management Practice

Andrea has helped Financial Advisors/Reps build their business to multiple 6 and 7 figures while having less stress and more time freedom.  When Andrea wrote her first book she had a Vision of how the industry needed to change and what Financial Advisor/Reps needed to do to build a business that would allow them to “only see people.”  Her Vision was “spot on” and it changed the industry.  Now she sees a NEW VISION for an industry that is rapidly changing.  During this presentation Andrea will explain the following:

  1. What current business models will keep Financial Advisors/Reps broke, frustrated and working long hours.
  2. How technology will replace the roles of many current staff and how teams should start making this change right now.
  3. How to build the Futuristic “Super Power…Prospecting Concierge” staff.
  4. How to create the “Raving Fan Experience” that will drive referrals.
  • From Sneakers to Chanel™ and High Heels: How I Built a Successful Business In a Male Dominated Industry.

Andrea built her coaching business in the male dominated financial services industry. She took her coaching experience and training to help double and triple Financial Reps/Advisors production. Now she is building top teams in the industry through her Turn Key Office Systems and Team Building strategies. Andrea will share with women the 10 Bullard Strategies that will help them succeed in business. These are strategies will open their eyes to the “real world” of working with and/or competing with highly competitive and success-driven men.

  • 4 Turn-Key Strategies for Fast Growth

Andrea will help your Financial Advisor/Reps learn strategies that will help them super charge their production. She will address the 4 Turn-Key strategies that will immediately enhance their production:

  • Vision and their Dream
  • #1 Daily and Weekly “must do” activity for massive growth.
  • Turn-Key System that will save them TIME every day.
  • Psychological toughness…how to develop and strengthen every day

Workshop Presentations

  • The Keys to Planning A “Breakout Year”

Andrea has helped people double and triple their business revenue. She understands how to energize, focus, and re-charge individuals to achieve their “best years” in both their personal and business lives. If your company needs an injection of purpose, inspiration, and motivation, this is the workshop for you. This is for all companies; and, for all people from the receptionist to the CEO. Many individuals have gone through this workshop and changed their lives for the better. This is truly a “not to be missed” event. This workshop will do the following:

  1. Open up dreams and goals that will ignite people with happiness and excitement.
  2. Give specific steps on how to make THIS YEAR the BEST YEAR of their lives.
  3. Teach people how to become “their best self.”
  4. Teach people how to fight self doubts and negativity.
  • Shark Tank Team Competition

Andrea has a unique talent on how to engage your employees and get them to take “ownership” of your company.  She has created a workshop that taps into the ideas and thoughts of every person in your company.  This workshop will do the following:

  1. Engage your employees to create ideas that will help your company grow.  These may include new technology initiatives or systems or communication, etc.  
  2. Enhance and allow your employees to voice their ideas, opinions and thoughts on how to improve the company.
  3. This event is fun and competitive and builds team commoradoraire.
  4. The company will leave the workshop with new ideas, renewed energy and a feeling of “team.”


Andrea Bullard


Andrea Bullard has helped hundreds of Financial Reps/Advisors grow their business.  Andrea is a frequent speaker, breakout session presenter and lecturer for numerous business and insurance companies.  Her roster includes Northwestern Mutual, Guardian, Mass Mutual, Penn Mutual Life, Summit Life & Sales Forum Expo, Great-West Life Assurance Co., and 2016 MDRT Speaker Zone.   Andrea is presently an elite faculty member of the Hoopis Performance Network, an online training company for Financial Reps/Advisors from around the world.  

Results-driven Financial Reps/Advisors describe her speaking as dynamic, energetic, motivating and educational.  Andrea’s motivational and educational presentations allow her audience to walk about with success tools and concepts to immediately impact and grow their business.  Her “Play to Win” attitude, sharp business sense, dynamic coaching methods and proprietary Turn-Key Systems©  have allowed many of her clients to catapult to multiple 6 and 7 figures while gaining more time freedom and peace of mind. 

She is the author of three books, Turn-Key Secrets—The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Multi-Million Dollar Wealth Management Practice; The Turn-Key Office System; and The Referral Skill System.  Her newest book, Turn-Key Secrets is now a #1 International Best Seller on Amazon.  Her first book, The Turn-Key Office System book is considered a “go-to” blueprint that helps Financial Reps/Advisors choose the right business model, hire only “A” staff, implement the Turn-Key Systems© and develop as business leaders. 

Andrea’s passion for coaching began when she played Division I Volleyball at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She went on to earn a Bachelor and a Master of Science Degree from the UW-Madison, all the while closely studying Olympic coaches, their methods, and most of all…the inner workings of the champion’s mindset.  She was the Head Coach of a nationally rated track team and coached a women's college basketball team.

Why Andrea is a Dynamic Choice for your Group

Andrea is a passionate, dynamic speaker who is known for moving her audience into action.  A true professional who will engage and delight while delivering cutting edge content that will both educate and motivate.

What Others Are Saying About Andrea

Randolph Shingler, CFP®

In one word, my experience with Andrea Bullard has been TRANSFORMATIVE. After 14 years of practicing as a sole advisor operation, I started working with Coach Bullard. After 1 year, my revenue has doubled and I am the owner of Green Arrow Financial, a premier financial planning boutique, with 3 Wealth Management Advisors on board. Andrea has not only helped me to be highly selective in how I grow my team, but she has helped me shape our team into “hybrid advisors” – with a playbook on how to lead my team into becoming highly productive, both defensively and offensively. Andrea’s systems work for ALL players on our team because, simply put, everyone wins with this model!

Randolph Shingler, CFP®
Green Arrow Financial
Joey Davenport, CLU, CLF, CLTC

Andrea Bullard is one of the foremost experts in the financial services space on business development and practice management systems. While the complexity of building a financial planning practice continues to increase, her Turn-Key Office system is the solution to organization and increasing business efficiency.

Joey Davenport, CLU, CLF, CLTC
The Hoopis Performance Network
Michael J. Dolberg

Andrea Bullard & Company have worked with my team and me for the past several years. Since working with Andrea, we have seen not only a dramatic increase in our overall production, but transformative growth through creating systems and processes that has enabled us to create scale to deliver comprehensive planning and services to clients and advisors across the country. For those that dream big, Andrea Bullard & Company will challenge you to dream bigger, and will help you break through the mental barriers to turn the dream into a roadmap to reality.

Michael J. Dolberg
Apollon Wealth Management


  • Northwestern Mutual – keynote speaker at Annual Meeting.
  • Northwestern Mutual – speaker at more than 25 Regional Conferences
  • The Guardian
  • Apollon
  • Mass Mutual
  • Summit Life and Sales Forum Expo.
  • Thompson Advertising
  • Andrea is a filmed coach for the MDRT Academy
  • AVIVA Annual Meeting
  • Paragon Capital
  • Great-West Life Assurance Co. Annual Meeting
  • Ocean Connect
  • NuXcel
  • Fortify Insurance
  • Boston CPA Firms
  • Boston Law Firms
  • Andrea is a speaker/coach for Hoopis Performance Network

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